King Company announces a tour in Spain and starts to record a new album!
King Company starts to record the follow up for their highly appreciated debut album ”One for The Road” in August. While getting the recordings started the band is going to do their first tour abroad. ”One for the Camino” Tour will bring the band to eight different cities in Spain in late September and the show will rock your boots off!
King Company will roam through Spain as follows:

Spanish tour 2017

22.9.2017 Sala Nana, Ciudad Real

23.9.2017 Icon Stage, Madrid

24.9.2017 Metalarium, Badajoz

26.9.2017 Palo Palo, Marinaleda

27.9.2017 Louie Louie, Estepona

28.9.2017 Paberse Rock Club, Valencia

29.9.2017 Escenario, Santander

30.9.2017 Salason, Cangas Do Morrazofacecoverspain