Alright, we need to share something with you. Like most of you know there have been major problems with Pasi’s voice. He is struggling with a severe vocal cord infection and he is still unable to sing. We honor his decision not to come on tour to Spain with us. Since there has been a lot of work to make this tour happen, we will not give up easily. After weeks of searching we finally found the perfect fill-in for Pasi. This is no ordinary guy, and in order to find him we had to dig our way all the way to the depths of Italy. Let us introduce Leonard F. Guillan! The sound coming out of this guy is absolutely incredible, not to mention his Rock Star stage presence. See you all soon in Spain! -KC

One for the camino – Spanish tour:

Sep 22 Sala Nana, Ciudad Real

Sep 23 Icon Stage, Madrid

Sep 24 Metalarium, Badajoz

Sep 26 Palo Palo, Marinaleda

Sep 27 Louie Louie, Estepona

Sep 28 Paberse Rock Club, Valencia

Sep 29 Escenario, Santander

Sep 30 Salason, Cangas Do Morrazo20891401_10155688800864250_1938485509_n